VBS 2011 Volunteer Evaluation


Your Role in VBS:   


Thank you for devoting yourself to reach our children for Christ, we cannot have VBS without all of our volunteers. The final step of our Prayer Safari mission is to consider the various aspects of VBS that have gone well, and those that we need to 'fine-tune' for next year. Please answer each of the questions as best you can and with as much detail as possible. These evaluations help us make VBS better every year, we love getting your input!

Please read the following statements and indicate how much you agree or disagree with each one. Strongly Disagree being 1, and Strongly Agree being 5. 

1. Children's staff was helpful and supplied my needs.   

2. VBS Grade Director was helpful and supplied my needs.   

3. Training was adequate in equipping me to fill my role.   

4. Daily schedule allowed for periods of activity and rest.   

5. Schedule was well organized and thought out.   

6. Discipline procedures were clear and enforced.   

7. Materials were readily available.   

8. Bible lessons were relevant to kids' lives.   

9. Activities were age appropriate.   

10. Volunteer opportunities were effectively communicated.   

11. Registration was structured and organized.   

12. My children enjoyed their VBS experience.       

13. Each rotation was meaningful and added to the VBS experience.   

14. I will volunteer again next year.   

Please answer the questions below by typing in the blanks. Any details you can add are much appreciated!   

15. In the areas above where you agreed and strongly agreed with the statements, what were the things that you liked the most? What were the positive aspects of VBS that you would like to see come back next year?

16. In the areas above where you marked that you strongly disagreed or disagreed with the statements, can you explain what you feel should be changed for next year. Why did you disagree? What would you like to see us do differently?

17. What could have been done to make your role in VBS easier?

18. What one area needs the most improvement and why?

19. How did you see God work in the lives of the children you spent time with at VBS?

20. Are you willing to help with follow-up of families who participated in VBS?    Yes    No

If yes, how? (Prayer, visit, call, etc....)

Your contact information

Phone #         Email: 

May we follow up with you about this evaluation, if necessary?    Yes    No